Medical Software Articles

I Want to Save the World!

This is short blog post about our textbook: Introduction to Medical Software: Foundations for Digital Health, Devices and Diagnostics. It was posted on the Cambridge University Authors Blog 1584.

This is a list of references (papers and videos) that relate to a number of software-related or medical device-related disasters. I use these as part of my teaching.

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In this article, I describe the process I use to help my undergraduate students begin their medical software projects in a class I teach at Yale.

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There are many regulatory documents on medical software, which makes getting started in this area challenging. In this article I discuss the Singapore guidance, which is one of the best introductions to the topic. This manages to give a complete overview of all that is involved in about 40 pages.

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In this article, I discuss issues that arise in medical software when using external dependencies from both a regulatory and a software engineering perspective. (The cover picture of the article which is a bowl of soup next to a laptop was created using Stable Diffusion!)

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