Accident Stories

These materials form the basis for students presentations in my Medical Software class at Yale (BENG 406b). Some of these are also described in our Introduction to Medical Software textbook in Chapters 17-22.

If you have more examples, or better articles/videos about the stories listed above, please share them with me and I will add them to this list.

Therac-25 (1980s)

This is the origin story of medical device regulations in the United States. The original report is

(The video is one of the case studies that from our Coursera Class on Medical Software.)

(See also Chapter 17 of the textbook)

Mars Climate Orbiter: Lost Without A Trace (1999) (2013)

(See also Chapter 19 of the textbook)

The 2020 Iowa Caucus App

(See also Chapter 20 of the textbook)

Boeing 737-MAX Accidents (2019--present)

WannaCry Cybersecurity Incident (2017)

The PIP Breast Implant Scandal (2010s)

The Denver International Airport Baggage Handling System (1990s)

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Elekta Cyberattack

These two papers describe related incidents.

(Thanks to Sanjay Aneja for his help with this.)

EPIC Sepsis Algorithm

Some additional Links & Information

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